Have you tried to stop smoking, and found it difficult?

Do you struggle to understand why you are still smoking?

Well, the good news is that I can help you to stop, very quickly, as soon as you have decided that enough is enough!

If you have decided that now is the time, then contact me today. I will demonstrate to you why smoking has become an "addiction" for you, and why it is actually much easier to stop, than you may at first think.

During the initial consultation we will explore how the mind works, and in order that you can start the process straight away, you will be given a relaxation CD to listen to at night time.


Just one further session will enable us to focus more on your needs, and establish the truth behind why you smoke and your motivation for stopping, then using hypnosis, we will consolidate all of these thoughts in your subconscious mind, giving you all the tools and the understanding that you will need.

Steve Smith Hypnotherapy

0779 669 2000



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