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What motivates you?

March 2, 2018

Being motivated and stimulated by something causes a chemical reaction in our brain which makes us feel happy and satisfied. Sadly, however, when we are not motivated or mentally stimulated we can very easily slip into a state of boredom. This decline in our mental state can slow down the natural production of the chemicals we need to be happy and to cope with what life throws at us! This can then become a bit of a vicious circle, whereby we adopt other inappropriate or unhealthy ways of coping, or simply become more and more miserable, angry, anxious or depressed. This negative mental state can affect our relationships; how we sleep; our effectiveness at work; it can even affect our physical health (i.e. skin conditions, irritable bowel syndrome etc.).

So if you think that you may need some help in feeling happier, and more motivated, then hypnotherapy can help with this. I will help you to understand why you feel the way you do, and then with the aid of hypnosis, you will be able to re-focus on your way forward. 



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